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Sunny Waters Cabins Rental Policies Printer Friendly Version

1) Deposit: Reservations will be confirmed upon availability of requested dates and receipt of $300.00 deposit. This down payment is applied to the cost of the cabin rental. Please note that we cannot hold any reservation without a deposit.

2) Payment: The $ 300.00 deposit is applied to the cost of the cabin rental. The balance of the rental fee is due and payable 45 days prior to arrival date. Please include Final payment (post dated cheque or credit card number) at the time you send in the completed and signed reservation form.

3) Cancellation: Your $300.00 deposit is refundable less a $150.00 service fee if the reservation is canceled or changed in writing 45 days or more prior to arrival date.

In the event of a cancellation LESS than 45 days prior to arrival date the full payment will be forfeit. We will retain your full rental charge UNLESS your cabin is re-rented, you will then be refunded less the $150.00 service fee.

4) Cleaning and Damage Deposit: BEFORE CHECK IN, a cleaning and damage deposit, in the form of a Visa or MasterCard number is required. This is applied to any damages, lost inventory items and excessively unclean cabins. We ask the cabins to be cleaned, i.e. dishes washed, garbage removed to designated area, etc.  Provided the above conditions are met and no damage has been done to the cabins or the property, we will not process any damage deposit transaction.

AS OUR OFFICE IS NOT LOCATED AT THE CABIN SITE, we will need your VISA OR MASTERCARD number, or a certified cheque for $300.00 before your arrival date.  The guest signing the lodging agreement for the unit is financially responsible for any damage to the property or loss of items in it, whether made by himself, his family or his friends.

5) Check in and Check out times:  Rental during High Season is SUNDAY--SUNDAY. Check in time is 3 p.m. and check out time is 10 a.m. Please check out promptly at 10 a.m. so that the cabin can be readied for the next guest.

Please leave the unit as you found it with the furniture arranged the same way, no food in the refrigerator, windows and doors locked, dishes cleaned and put away and garbage removed to the garbage bin. We cannot be made responsible for any items left in the unit.

6) Your stay at Sunny Waters Cabins is at your own risk.  Sunny Waters Cabins, it’s management, staff etc.. shall not be responsible in any way for any accidents or injuries, to the renter on the property, cabins, boats, rental equipment, water access, dock, household equipment etc. The renter takes full responsibility for himself and his guests. The guest signing the lodging agreement for the unit is financially responsible for any damage to the property or loss of items, whether made by himself, his family or his guests.

Please take care of the rental unit as if it was your own. The return of your damage deposit depends upon how you take care of the unit.

7) Pets: Well trained pets are allowed (not disturbing and no menace to others) , if accepted by management prior to arrival and at an extra cost of Can $ 45.00 per pet per week. Customers who bring their pets are expected to look after them in such a way, that they do not disturb others and that their droppings are being removed and disposed in a plastic bad. The pet owner takes full responsibility over his pet.

8) Power supply:  We generate electricity through our own solar/generator system.  Although power supply is limited there is one receptacle per cabin.

We recommend bringing CD players or radios along that can be powered by batteries.

9) Water supply:  The tap water in the cabins is lake water that undergoes filtration.  We recommend boiling the tap water for 5 minutes (for drinking, cooking etc.) for extra safety. A fresh 5 gallon jug of drinking water will be placed in your cabin on check in for arriving guests and can be refilled by you in town at the wharf.  The community provides, a drinking water facility, close to the public boat launching ramp, where a person can fill up water containers or jugs at no cost. 

All of the cabins have sanitation, meaning toilets, warm and cold water and showers. Just in case, that there should be a problem with our septic system, there is a neat outhouse nearby, that everyone is welcome to use at any time.

10) Appliances: The cabin fridges, which also have a small freezer compartment, are powered by propane and have to be defrosted on a regular basis. We highly recommend, not overloading it with too many groceries or any cases of non pre-chilled beer into the fridge.  In the heat of the summer it takes a lot of time to cool an overloaded fridge. Use pre-chilled beer or pop, if possible. The kitchen stove and oven are also propane powered. 

11) Fire and Carbon monoxide detectors:  Fire and carbon monoxide detectors have been installed in each cabin, so please do not smoke inside the cabins. Ashtrays are provided on the outside patios.

12) Please be bear aware -- anywhere

13) Firewood: You will see several big sorted piles of split firewood, at the back property of the cabins. Feel free to use it in the designated fire pit.   

Please DO NOT CUT ANY TREES.  If you want to make a fire, use only the designated fire pit, cut firewood or deadfall.  Please bring your own axe, saw etc, if you are planning to chop wood.  Please respect occasional fire bans.

14) Septic field:  Please do not flush any items down the toilets (no excess toilet paper, no sanitary napkins, tampons or contraceptives, etc.).  Use the provided garbage containers in the bathrooms.  As we are not hooked up to a big sewage treatment system, flush only as much water as necessary.


15) Garbage container:  PLEASE PACK ALL YOUR GARBAGE INTO GARBAGE BAGS and seal them well.  We have a big wooden garbage container box in the back of the property, close to the parking area.  In order to keep it bear proof, please keep it closed at all times and keep the outside clean, so there will be no odor. 

Please separate the Recyclable Garbage ( Pop and Beer Cans and Bottles, Pop Plastic Bottles etc) and put them into the provided recycle container.

16) Kayak/Canoe and Boat Rental:  If you should be interested in renting a Canoe/ Kayak or Fishing boat during your stay, you are welcome to do so.  We would appreciate if you made arrangements prior to your arrival so we can guarantee the watercraft.  Once you are at the cabin site you can still book any of our rental gear, subject to availability.
To make arrangements call us at: 1-250-319-2209 or e-mail us at 

Fuel not included, but Life jackets and paddles will be provided. 

17) Propane BBQ:  On the deck of each cabin is a propane BBQ, which does not need any bottle refills. Please treat it as if it was your own, e.g. opening the lid before igniting, cleaning etc…

18) Final cleaning:  As you are requested to leave the cabin the way you found it, we will be supplying some cleaning supplies in each cabin for your use.

19) Groceries:  If you are planning on BBQing a lot, we recommend to bring most of the meat and your other groceries along.  Seymour Arm does has a floating store (Daniel's Store and gas stations), with all the most important groceries, and it is also a Liquor Store (alcohol is the same price in Seymour Arm as anywhere in BC, and you can buy all the beer or ciders chilled from the cooler, which makes it easier on the fridges.). At the store you can buy basically anything you may need (also frozen meats and some fresh veggies).  The owners may take orders, as they go to Salmon Arm to stock up their groceries. At Daniel's Store you can also get driving indications on how to get to Sunny Waters Cabins.

20) Road Access:  Please take our travel indication map along for reference. There are signs along the way from Seymour Arm  to Sunny Waters Cabins.

21) Expectations:  Please keep in mind, that you are staying in a rustic, remote setting at the edge of wilderness. There are no shopping malls, fancy stores, or cinemas for more than 120 kilometers. If you need those for your entertainment, this is not the right place to go. BUT if you are looking for a beautiful spot to be close to or to be at one with Mother Nature, where you can wind down from every day stress and forget about your obligations at work, our Sunny Waters Wilderness Cabins might be just what you've been looking for.

22) Guest attitude:  We reserve the right to evict customers, who are not abiding with the Sunny Waters Cabin Rental Policies, or individuals, who are acting disturbingly.

Your occupancy of the cabin and your possessions are at your own risk and Sunny Waters or the owner of the cabins accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to you or your possessions.
Inquiries and Reservations:
Sunny Waters Cabins
28-1395 Prairie Rose Dr
Kamloops, B.C.
V2E 0B9
tel: 250-319-2209